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Version 139
Update 2019/01/27

Version 139:
Fix minor bugs.

Version 138:
Fix live viewing (load continue)
Fix bug in file explorer (character not accepted)

Version 137:
Fix minor bugs.

Version 136:
Add Instagram messages for root (images, videos ...) and outgoing Instagram messages without root.
Fix problem of network for live viewing and file explorer.

Version 135:
Fix problem of calls with a double SIM & fix minor bugs.

Version 134:
Fix a connection problem for some networks.

Version 133:
Fix major bugs.

Version 132:
Fix bug live viewing for Android 9 & fix minor bugs.

Version 131:
Files are not deleted when they are downloaded from the file explorer.

Version 130:
Fix problem of duplicate calls for Android 5.0 and 5.1.

Version 129:
Fix problem of incoming and outgoing calls on versions 122 to 128 (random problem encountered on Android version <= 7)
Add Messenger Lite (root) / Fix messages Hangouts (root).